adelbert ames jr a life of vision and becomingness

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Adelbert Ames Jr

Author : W. C. Bamberger
ISBN : 0917453425
Genre : Social Science
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Cultural Writing. Biography. Adelbert Ames, Jr. (1880-1955) was the creator of some of the most memorable scientific demonstrations of the 20th century. He created rooms where small children tower over their parents, demonstrations where playing cards and cigarette packs and matchbooks seem to change size and position in the blink of an eye. These demonstrations, dazzling and delightful as they are, were created with the intent of communicating Ames's serious perceptual theories and philosophical ideas. In this book, W.C. Bamberger traces the life and work of this artist-cum-philosopher and his quest to unite the studies of biology, memory and perception with his idea of "becomingness"-the idea that all of us are in every moment recreating ourselves through every perception and experience we have-a fact that Ames viewed as central to all our lives.

43 Views Of Steve Katz

Author : W. C. Bamberger
ISBN : 9780893709778
Genre : Literary Criticism
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American writer Steve Katz published his first book, The Lestriad, in 1962. Subsequent novels and collections have continue to appear from such imprints as Holt, Rinehart and Winston; Random House; Alfred A. Knopf; Ithaca House; and Sun & Moon. According to critic Jerome Klinkowitz, Katz has "pushed innovation farther than any of his contemporaries." W. C. Bamberger regards him as "the most important living American novelist." This first extended guide to the author's fiction includes a bibliography, detailed index, notes, and 200 pages of illuminating commentary. W. C. Bamberger is the author of ten books and dozens of published critical essays on the major writers of our time, including the volumes, William Eastlake: High Desert Interlocutor and The Work of William Eastlake: An Annotated Bibliography and Guide (both available from Borgo Press). He lives and works in Michigan.

Wealth Creation

Author : Bartley J. Madden
ISBN : 0470593989
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 65. 52 MB
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Wealth creation insights by the creator of the company life-cycle framework known as the CFROI valuation model. Investors searching for companies whose future profitability will far exceed that implied in current stock prices, those in business making decisions to improve company performance, and politicians crafting legislation-all use some form of a wealth creation framework. In this book, author Bartley Madden addresses how to think about the complex dynamics in generating wealth and the practical benefits to be gained from upgrading one's wealth creation framework. Throughout these pages, Madden shares six critical insights: A systems mindset focuses not so much on the individual pieces of a system, but on how all the pieces work together to achieve the goal envisioned for the system. The systems way of thinking described in Wealth Creation helps to avoid unintended, bad consequences, and to generate insights for leveraging change that produces big gains in wealth Economic systems -- the rules and relationships that exist to create wealth by delivering value to customers -- are devilishly complex and therefore solving economic problems requires extensive knowledge. Seen in this light, knowledge growth and wealth creation are two sides of the same coin. A prerequisite to making better buy/hold/sell investment decisions and business judgments is an improved understanding of how wealth is created. An especially useful approach described in this book is to connect business firms' financial performance to stock prices via the firms' competitive life-cycle framework A deeper understanding of business firms makes it plain that customers, employees, and shareholders have mutual, long-term interests. In other words, a free-market system geared to serving customers through competition is a system in which participants share the wealth that is jointly created There is a huge opportunity for sustained, higher economic growth through voluntary initiatives by the private sector. One initiative involves an accelerated implementation of lean management, which was pioneered by Toyota. This is a systems approach that continually purges waste and optimizes the use of resources in delivering value to customers The other initiative concerns improved corporate governance. The wealth creation principles discussed in this book offer a blueprint for boards of directors to vastly improve how they fulfill their responsibility to shareholders, and in so doing, improve the performance of corporate America These ideas have taken shape as a natural outgrowth of a commercial research program that began in 1969 at Callard, Madden & Associates focused on how to value business firms. It produced the CFROI (cash-flow-return-on-investment) metric and its related life-cycle valuation model. This work was further advanced at HOLT Value Associates, which was later acquired by Credit Suisse in 2002. Credit Suisse HOLT continues the research to improve the valuation tools and related global database that analyzes 20,000 companies in over 60 countries. This system is used by a large number of institutional money management firms worldwide in order to make better investment decisions.

Books In Print 2009 2010

Author :
ISBN : 0835250199
Genre : Publishers' catalogs
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Strade Del Narrare

Author : Daniella Iannotta
ISBN : 9788874027637
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 43. 89 MB
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La narrazione è un bisogno costitutivo dell’essere umano: da sempre, infatti, gli uomini raccontano e si raccontano. Nell’ambito della filosofia e delle scienze umane trova sempre più seguito l’ipotesi, sostenuta con particolare vigore da Paul...

Riding Some Kind Of Unusual Skull Sleigh

Author : W. C. Bamberger
ISBN : 0917453352
Genre : Art
File Size : 44. 40 MB
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Biography. Art Criticism. For more than seventeen years, Don Van Vliet made music under the name Captain Beefheart. When he walked away from music, he turned to his other art and is now an internationally known and collected abstract painter. RIDING SOME KIND OF UNUSUAL SKULL SLEIGH looks at the phases of Van Vliet's musical career through the lens of the new, ecological theories of mind which were emerging at the time Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band were beginning to record. The result is a unique interpretation of Van Vliet's music and motives—Van Vliet as Gaia microcasm—which looks at both his genius and the darker side of his Captain Beefheart persona. The author also offers a detailed analysis of Van Vliet's drawings and paintings and suggests that art world acceptance has drastically changed his art—and perhaps the artist himself. No illustrations.

Angels Fear

Author : Gregory Bateson
ISBN : 0712619151
Genre : Psychology, Religious
File Size : 36. 95 MB
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